Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strawberries :)

The weather is getting warmer, and one of the best foods to help one celebrate springtime is fresh strawberries.  For me, they evoke images of staining my bare feet green in fresh cut grass, gorging myself on fresh strawberries.  Unfortunately, there are many ways of eating strawberries that do not prepare the body for the impending bikini season. There are strawberry tarts, strawberry shortcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry ice cream; all of them dripping with unwanted fat.

One extra-refreshing strawberry recipe has the added advantage of being completely non-fat:  Strawberry Blasts.  To make one blast, you need
-1-2 scoops of strawberry sorbet
-4 strawberries
-6 ounces sparkling water

Put two strawberries sliced thinly into the bottom of a parfait cup. Blend together the sorbet and sparking water, and then pour that on top of the sliced strawberries before topping with the final two strawberries, thinly sliced.  Want something a little bit stronger than a virgin drink? Substitute champagne for the sparkling water and enjoy a relaxing evening drink.  Sorbet is non-fat, strawberries are non-fat, and both sparking water and champagne are non-fat.  This makes for a guilt-free summer dessert, so you should enjoy.
Bon Appetit :)

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